Marie Ricciuti
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My images represent my life experiences, expounded upon by my imagination.
The women in my images represent me and the cacoons represent me in gestation. Therefore, they are symbolic and psychological in content. I have been painting the same woman in different imaginary circumstances depending what was happening to me emotionally then in my life for the past 15 years. She represents me in all the different aspects of my life

Not only is the psychological and symbolic aspect important in my images, but how I present that idea thru imaginary light, conceptual space, movement thru line and bright colors, which are all equally important. My cacoons began to develop very subtly in my work the last year at the Academy in 1987. After spending 3 months in Europe after I graduated from the Academy I began to paint the human figure and their imaginary circumstances. At that time my cacoons became an integral part of my work.

My cacoons represent nurturing and safety as the Cacoon Queen experiences her imaginary and real life.

Fleischer Art Memorial - Philadelphia - l977-83
Barnes Foundation - l982-84
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts - l983-87

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